Concrete Services

Geotechnical Foam Lifting

We can easily fix unlevel sidewalks, stairs, patios, garage floors, and more with the use of geotechnical polyurethane foam. 


Unlevel walkways, stairs, and floors can be a major tripping hazard. Our experienced team can raise your concrete surfaces, and restore them to level.

Void Filling

Voids in the soil can cause sinking and unlevel concrete, our environmentally friendly geotechnical polyurethane foam can easily fill those voids and stabilize the soil. 

Silicone Crack Sealing

Cracked concrete? No problem! We can seal those cracks with silicone and repair the surrounding concrete.

Control Joint Sealing

Our experienced team can seal control joints to control cracking and relieve stress during construction or other projects.

Expansion Joint Sealing

We seal expansion joints using high-quality silicone, to allow your concrete to expand and detract due to changes in the weather without becoming damaged.

Concrete Replacement

Irreparable concrete? We can replace any worn or broken concrete to make the surface level and safe.

New Concrete

With 20 years of experience, our team can take on a wide variety of projects. 

Our Techniques: 

Level Up Concrete Repair LLC uses the most advanced processes and materials in the concrete leveling & repair industry. We utilize Geotechnical Expanding Structural Polyurethane Foam to lift, level, and stabilize your existing concrete.  

We’re a full-service concrete repair company that can handle any repair from concrete lifting, leveling, stabilization, void filling, soil stabilization, soil densification, soil deep injection, concrete demo, and new concrete!

We're proud to offer a 2-year one-time lift warranty.

We offer a 3 year warranty if we seal cracked concrete, cracked control joints and expansion joints in the area we lifted.

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