About Us

Level Up was started by two blue-collar workers that have been in the construction industry for over 20 years.

Level Up was founded by John and Andrew who have over 20 years in the construction and oil-gas industry. We are a true local family-owned and operated concrete repair company. We utilize the best equipment and materials available so you can have full confidence that your job will get done right. If you have unlevel, sunken, or broken concrete we can fix it using our unique leveling process. We provide solutions to classic concrete repair issues such as unlevel driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, patios, and porches.

About Concrete Repair

Evolution of concrete repair/lifting

The early days of concrete repairs were either to replace it or grind it. Replacing was supper expensive and grinding was ugly. There had to be a solution. After hydraulic mud jacking was discovered in the mid-80’s there was finally a way to repair settled concrete without replacing it. It worked but it had no structure and was not a long-lasting solution. Around the 90’s a better long-lasting solution came along. The geotechnical structural foam that we use was developed for a lighter and longer-lasting solution.

Our Process

Our process begins with our specialized technician taking a quick survey of the area needing to be lifted, leveled, or void filled. Then we strategically drill 3/8”-5/8” holes through your existing concrete using injection ports to inject a two-part structural foam underneath the concrete from our low-pressure equipment.

The injected foam material below the concrete slab will then first find the path of least resistance in every direction to fill voids. Foam will compact weak soils to consolidate and cause subsoils to become denser making the sub-base stronger. Once all voids are filled and weak souls are compacted we inject more foam to achieve the perfect LEVEL UP lift!

After the technical leveling process is done we then patch the small holes with our pre-mixed concrete polymer patch. The specialty foam that Level Up Concrete Repair uses is a hydro-insensitive and hydrophobic foam that is 100% cured in less than 30 minutes after the job is completed.

Our closed-cell foam injections will not retain moisture and are not subject to erosion in place. Our closed-cell foams have been tested to have baseline lifting capabilities of 6,000 lbs per sqft. and leveling procedures have been performed in which loads as high as 125 tons have been lifted and stabilized in a surface area of less than 900 sq. ft.

Some foams that we can order are even stronger, with compressive strengths of 50 psi and 100 psi in a free-rise state. That is equal to 7,200–14,000 lbs. per square ft! Whether it’s residential, commercial, or municipal. Level Up Concrete Repair has the experience, technology, equipment, and materials to get the job done!

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